Friday, September 16, 2011

Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me

This has easily become a top contender for a favorite book of mine.

This book is incredibly well written, full of sly wit and sharp in its storytelling. Mr.Cron does not paint a dull or predictable Christian book, instead he writes in real life with all the flavor that life is served up in. I could feel the tension he had with his father, his desire to live in truth, and his journey to actually finding truth for himself. It is rare, sadly, to find a Christian perspective written about with such raw honesty, holding nothing back, and not injecting pithy Christian cliches into real life stories. This book feels so authentic, and yet Cron admits in the very beginning that this is written many years removed from the actual events. So he writes as he remembers events more so than identical fact. I believe this helps the author weave the book together almost flawlessly, and adds the perfect amount of wit and charm. Well done Mr. Cron, I hope there are many more books to come after this excellent entry.

I received this book from Book Sneeze for review, and yet I would pay the cover price in a heart beat!

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