Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Solid, but lacking the usual creative spark

In Soul Print Mark Batterson takes on the task of helping people find their unique voice in the world. "What am I here for?" which people, and those in the church seem to struggle mightily with. I enjoyed the book, maybe more so because I am a fan of Batterson, and it could be that my fandom inched the rating up to 3 stars. I really enjoyed his other books, and this one seems a bit more preachy, as if it was more of a manuscript of sermons, rather than a work of literature. It didn't have that creative spark, often found in the finger tips of Mark's writing. He pulls from the life of David, but it feels a bit forced and less insightful than his previous writings. All in all, Mark is a pastor with a seemingly good heart and you will not go wrong with this book. But if you read his earlier writings first you might feel that there is a small hiccup in creativity and insight here.

Full disclosure, I received this book for free from blogging for books.

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