Friday, February 3, 2012

Sex, Marriage and Happily Ever After

I'll be honest, I was reading this book along side of Mark Driscoll's book on marriage, as well as Tim Keller's book on marriage. This is book is very big step up from Driscoll's and a couple very small steps behind Tim Keller's. I very much appreciate Groeschel's priorities in encouraging following Jesus above all else. This book very encouraging to those who are single looking for love, to be fulfilled and devoted to Christ as the all relationships will flow from that relationship. I find that far too many single people put an awful lot of pressure on themselves to find "the one" as does our society. Groeschel does a great job of landing on the proper priorities, with humor, gentleness, and yet a firm truth. The humor, which I think flows from Groeschel being genuine, really helps move the book along with far more smoothness than Driscoll's book. The tone of this book is really helpful, especially knowing that is driven largely for those who are moving towards marriage. It did not take long for my wife and I to know we will be recommending this book to those looking toward marriage, or just wrestling with their singleness. Again, I highly recommend Tim Keller's new book, this book as well, and you really won't be missing anything if you skip Driscoll's book.

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