Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Strongest Life

I have to admit I tend to be more skeptical of books that seem to be just capitalizing on the success of the successful predacessor, but this is Buckingham. This of course means the reader is going to get very solid leading, instruction, and application. "In Find Your Strongest Life, Marcus Buckingham reveals the powerful key to help women draw enough strength from life to feel fulfilled, loved, successful, and in control. Even more, he helps women reconnect with their purpose and gives a starting point for change. A research-based message that applies to work and life, Find Your Strongest Life shows women a “unified theory” for how they really can have it all . . . the right kind of all."

What I appreciate most is that Marcus challenges women to not only take risks, but he also guides them through the risk taking. Encouraging women to discover all of life and assisting in tackling the many fears and challenges that most women face within this process. I appreciate Marcus' voice, although it has its dull moments, this is another solid high five from Marcus Buckingham.

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